Thursday, November 21, 2013

IndieFlix Holiday Gift Subscription - Special Offer!

Looking for something a little adventurous and incredibly entertaining to recommend on your last minute holiday gift guide? Look no farther than IndieFlix.

Founded by filmmakers, provides on-demand, streaming access to a huge selection of award winning, and popular independent movies, shorts, foreign films and documentaries from around the world. In fact, IndieFlix has been called the Netflix of independent film by Variety.

For far less than a cashmere sweater and more enjoyable than another same-old, boring necktie, a holiday gift subscription to IndieFlix is only $49 for a full year of unlimited, streaming-access to over 4,000 films.

But best of all, and in the true spirit of the holiday season, every IndieFlix subscriber is actively supporting filmmakers because IndieFlix pays filmmakers for every minute their film is watched.

Monday, November 4, 2013