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Sub-Rock Music's Video Pick of the Week (03/17/2013)

Midnite on Pearl Beach - "Freedom is a State of Mind"

Website: Midnite on Pearl Beach
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Sub-Rock Music Hour Episode1 - April 2010

The following transcripts below are presented by the Sub-Rock Music Hour. The program was never recorded due to the failure of low budget equipment, none-the-less it was broadcast out to airwaves in central Wisconsin in 2010 (7 total episodes). It involved one person running all operations and hosting the radio show at the same time. This is what happens when a creative hermit with zero radio experience asks to be allowed access to a radio station at night (with no one else in the building and a self-written dialogue) and the request is granted. I hope you enjoy reading this account and thank you for your time.

[Sub-Rock Submarine Alert noise]

[Sub-Rock Robot speaks as heard on Podcasts>
"This is not a test of the Emergency Broadcast System"...]

[DJ Rodable (pronounced row-dob-lay) speaks...
"This is the Sub-Rock Music Hour on WNRB-LP 93.3FM, Wausau"...
[background music fades...]

"Coming to you from 20,000 and a half leagues under the sea,
beat that Captain Nemo!, it's the Sub-Rock Music Hour and I'm
your host Rod R***** broadcasting alias free! But sometimes I respond
to the fictional nick-name Rodable (row-dob-lay) which is a translation of the
fictional English nick-name Rodable (rod-uh-bull).

So this is my first show on the radio. I hope I can fill a full hour with noise
of some sort. This is a non-profit radio station, so I do have to be carefull
about what I say on air... Did anyone else notice the "FCC" contains half
the letters of a word the FCC won't let me use?... I sure did! If the "U"nited
"K"ingdom has an FCC division, that would be quite an acronym!!

Ok, the time is:_____

So, let's go to the first round of songs. I want to start out with one of my
favorite songs I came across last year by the band So Many Wizards... it's
gonna knock you out of your socks, I guarantee... and down periscope"...

[So Many Wizards - Love is on the Way - plays]
[Flame Shark - The Chimes at Noon - plays]
[Deep Sea Diver - Tsunamo is Snowed in - plays]

" 'Love is on the Way' is by So Many Wizards from L.A. in California. The song you
just heard is from their 'Tree-EP' and they have a new EP that came out this year.
The Chimes At Noon is from Flame Shark a band from Chicago, originally from Madison, WI.
That track was off their amazing first, full-length album 'Midnight on Pearl Beach',
currently free on their website and free is non-profit so I think I can say that.
And finally 'Tsunamo is Snowed In' by Deep Sea Diver, a band that is lead by
musician Jessica Dobson from Long Beach, CA. Jessica was a guitarist for Beck on his
Modern Guilt tour and her band Deep Sea Diver has toured with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and
Conor Oberst which is crazy cool. The song you just heard is on her EP called 'New Caves'.

... As I have an eye on the sound-board, I have my other eye on the clock and it is:_____
Moving on is vital, so let's hear more songs!"

[Curious Buddies - Crush Bugs - plays]
[Food Will Win the War - Shatter Today - plays]
[Alyosha Het - Bury Me Standing - plays]

"You've just heard Curious Buddies, one of the best independent garage bands that I've heard.
They are from Philadelphia and claim they won't rest until the planet has been decidedly
rocked, and they promise! 'Shatter Today' is from Food Will Win the War, a band from
Brooklyn, NY. that once was on the Audio Visual Club's Newspaper list of Worst Band Names!
But their music is muy bueno! And last was 'Bury Me Standing' by Alyosha Het,
A-L-Y-O-S-H-A. Alyosha plays all the instruments on his songs and recorded on a quote
"Terribly crapped-out fourtrack" un-quote. He has an EP out called 'Little Green' which
emits brilliance beginning to end. That's just my opinion."

"So it looks like I need to give a local weather update cause you might not be outside
or near a window. The national weather service predicts.... [weather update]
You could say the National Weather Service is like a Modern day Nostrodamus, you could
also say nothing at all, whatever tickles your funny bone. Your next serving of Sub-Rock
Music is right now..."

[Navel - Keep Me Dry - plays]
[Hollerado - Juliette - plays]
[The Vickers - The Only One - plays]

"You've just heard 'Keep Me Dry' by a Switzerland band called Navel. That band just plain
rocks, period. Next was 'Juliette' by Hollerado a Canadian band. The song you just heard
is from their album 'Record in a Bag', probably in my Top 10 favorite albums this year.
Lastly was 'The Only One' by the Vickers from Florence, Italy. This song comes from their
album 'Keep Clear' which has many great tracks, I'll probably play some more at some point."

[underwriting message]
"Time to introduce bigger bands"...

[Barth - The Last Wig - plays]
[Kahimi Karie - Clip Clap - plays]
[Charlotte Gainsbourg - Time of the Assassins - plays]
[Beck - Volcano - plays]

"The Last Wig is a song from Barth's second album 'Under the Trampoline'. I love all his
albums and will definitely be playing more of his music. He is currently producing an album
for Hollie Cook, daughter of Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols. 'Clip Clap' is by Kahimi Karie
who is my favorite J-Pop artist. This song is from her album titled K.K.K.K.K. I think she
only has a couple U.S. releases though. 'Time of the Assassins' is by Charlotte Gainsbourg,
daughter of Serge Gainsbourg a highly influential French singer, actor, and director. The
song you just heard comes from Charlotte's new album IRM which was produced by Beck who
plays guitar and back-up vocals to that track. 'Volcano' is by Beck, off his most recent
album 'Modern Guilt'. I thought I would play a song about Volcanos since the one in Iceland
has been in the news lately, cause I'm all about relevance!"

"Well, that was the first episode of the Sub-Rock Music Hour on WNRB-LP 93.3FM, Wausau.
I hope the music was favorable to your taste buds. I want to thank Scott Clark for the
opportunity to be on the program and a Thank You to Marshall Laww of The Underground on
Friday Nights at 10:00pm, right here on 93.3FM. You can contact me using the email
info @'Hear' me out next week, Farewell and Adios!

[background music exit]

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